Warsztaty fotograficzne


1.The condition for participation in the workshops is to arrange a date with the Organizer and make an advance payment of 20% to the Organiser’s account. No advance payment means resignation from the workshop.
2. The organizer reserves the right to cancel the workshop without giving a reason, at the same time the advance payment will be returned.
3. Entrance to the lookout takes place at least one hour before sunrise.
4. The time of leaving the lookout is agreed individually with the Organizer.
5.The organizer picks up and takes the participant from/to the place of accommodation.
6. All photos that are posted on NATURAL PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS website- Tomasz Gawroński, are the property of the author and are protected by copyright. Using them for your own purposes without the consent and knowledge of the author is prohibited. Any violation of the above provisions will result in the immediate transfer of the case to court.
7. The organizer has permission to photograph and publish rare species of birds issued by the Regional Ministry of Environmental Protection in Szczecin, which is associated with the possibility of publishing photos by workshop participants.
8. Participation in the workshops is tantamount to reading the regulations.

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