Warsztaty fotograficzne


    I am the organizer of photography workshops consisting in photographing animals mainly from lookouts located in attractive natural places that I have observed over the years.

    Workshops are addressed to all enthusiasts of broadly understood the photography of nature. Both amateurs and professionals, looking for rare species that are particularly difficult to capture. Depending on the season, the main subjects of photography are: birds of prey, water and mud, mammals such as foxes, badger, raccoon dogs, roe deer, red deer, wild boar.

    Lookouts designed for this purpose are arranged in such a way that the participant of the workshop can take a photo without interfering with nature. This allows you to capture unique moments knowing that the photographed animal behaves completely naturally without seeing us.

There are four stationary and several portable chat rooms at the workshop participants’ disposal.

The three most important are:

KANIA Watchhouse, (it is mainly intended for photographing red kites and black kites. Common buzzards, marsh harriers and foxes and raccoon dogs come to it systematically).

Watchhouses BIELIK 1 and BIELIK 2, (They are located near the Olszanka reserve, which, together with its immediate surroundings, is the habitat of the largest bird of prey in Poland and one of the largest concentrations of its positions in Europe. This is a place where you can also capture a hawk and a very interesting common buzzard – albino).

Things that you should bring with to the watchhouse:

– camera and lens (min. 300mm),
– appropriate clothing depending on the season,
– a head or a tripod (depending on the lookout),
– flashlight, headlamp,

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