Warsztaty fotograficzne

About me

    Hi! My name is Tomasz Gawroński and photography is my passion. However, this is not an ordinary photography, full of boring sessions and artificial poses, but unique and full of true nature. This is an amazing variety of this art form. There will never be two same shots. My model will never follow my advices – it’s always ME who has to follow to them. All of those matching requirements each other, makes every subsequent photo as unique. My photography isn’t only a passion for me, but also a way to be myself. It is a great opportunity to practice your patience and insight. This is time only for me, which I have to use well- to capture what I want to catch.

    The world around us is so colorful and beautiful, that it is just impossible to pass by it indifferently. In the fairy-tale circumstances of nature, traveling a considerable number of kilometers seems to be of no importance. I don’t remember exactly “when it all started”, but something sparked between me and the surrounding nature very early. The beginnings were difficult, but the phenomenal photos rewarding the effort that I had putted into every photo to make best shots. Currently, I have the opportunity to take my photos in four checkpoints that I have checked, to which I would like to invite every enthusiast as part of the planned nature photography workshops. These are places of living mainly of birds of prey such as red kite, black kite, hawk and white-tailed eagle.

    Many times I became convinced that the majesty of these animals can be experienced only by observing them in a suitable hiding place, with a huge dose of patience. I also enjoy the charms of my place of residence and the surrounding area. That is why so many of my frames come from the Goleniów Forest and its fields, forests, swamps and backwaters of the Ina River. The richness of the flora and fauna closest to me is so huge that I don’t have to worry about the fact that one day I will run out of suitable scenery. Instead, I can focus on the endless search for perfect combinations – adults and young individuals, nests and burrows where family life flourishes and animal siblings running carelessly around the meadows. All this gives me great joy that I would like to share with you.

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